Printmaker Susan Aldworth went to the hospital one day fearing the worst. From then on, her brush with death never left her thoughts. Susan looks inward at human life, but insists that these days, it’s thinkers at the forefront of health technology, like futurist Zayna Khayat, who can tell us the most about the lives we’ll live and the world we’ll leave behind. Or technologists like Kacy Harding, who urge that “technology should augment the physical and virtual world to empower us.” In this special episode of The Spark, three women talk about the exciting future of health technology.

In this episode you’ll hear more about:
- some of the latest trends and developments in healthcare
- how meaningful innovation can help people with a chronic 
- the impact of AI and data on medical innovation
- the human side of healthcare and putting patients first
- …And why there’s never been a better time to consider a 
career in health technology

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