S2E6 - The Pivot

Maud never lost interest in working when she had kids. But as any busy working parent knows, sometimes you have to be flexible.  Maud has learned the ...View Details

S2E5 - The Disruptors

The things Ke Ke Qi builds may not be made of mortar and bricks, but as a Software Architect at Philips' China Digital Innovation Lab, he creates digi...View Details

You know the expression “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”? Pradeep seems to be much more interested in the fact that it’s 9 o’clock somewhere. His job is def...View Details

When you have an idea that's a game-changer, you want to make sure that it's executed perfectly. That's Kok Leng Tan's job as group leader for Functio...View Details

S2E2 - Rise Up

Annie lives in Kenya and wants to help those who need it in innovative ways.  But how can you rise up and maximize innovation when your team is spread...View Details

S2E1 - The Letter

Pat wanted a good job close to home in an industry that had a future, and thought his job in order fulfillment for patient monitoring would be like an...View Details

The second season of The Spark takes an in-depth look at work in a global, digital age. We examine the art of collaboration, working across time zones...View Details

Printmaker Susan Aldworth went to the hospital one day fearing the worst. From then on, her brush with death never left her thoughts. Susan looks inwa...View Details

S1E12 - The next need

What do theatre, science, and art have in common? Corien Pompe paints us a picture. What’s fascinating about Corien is that ... she doesn’t question i...View Details

S1E11 - Disrupt yourself

Philips is always looking for the people who are excited about turning the world on its head. Those are the people who, if given the resources, can br...View Details

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