S3E6 - More and better

Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno has worked for Philips across the globe over her 23 year-long career. She started her new job has Market Leader for Latin America...View Details

Robert Metzke, Head of Sustainability at Philips, grew up in East Berlin. He was just a teenager when the Wall fell, but that sudden, fundamental chan...View Details

S3E4 - “Henka”

When we think of Japan, we tend to think of innovation. And when Hitoshi Aizawa left a 30-year career in IT to join Philips as Senior Director of Solu...View Details

Kala has a mission. As the head of the Philips Innovation Hub in Bangalore, she works together with other hubs around the globe to positively change a...View Details

S3E2 - Two roads diverge

Portia Singh is a senior scientist in healthcare technology at Philips North America - one of the fastest changing industries on the planet. In this e...View Details

S3E1 - Life 2.0

Craig Horton describes how a life-threatening event inspired him to change lives for the better, and to accomplish his goal of completing the world's ...View Details

S2E6 - The Pivot

Maud never lost interest in working when she had kids. But as any busy working parent knows, sometimes you have to be flexible.  Maud has learned the ...View Details

S2E5 - The Disruptors

The things Ke Ke Qi builds may not be made of mortar and bricks, but as a Software Architect at Philips' China Digital Innovation Lab, he creates digi...View Details

You know the expression “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”? Pradeep seems to be much more interested in the fact that it’s 9 o’clock somewhere. His job is def...View Details

When you have an idea that's a game-changer, you want to make sure that it's executed perfectly. That's Kok Leng Tan's job as group leader for Functio...View Details

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